Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Golden Lift Chairs and Advanced Power Recliners Sales Training: Elevating Your Expertise

    1. Golden Technologies Overview

    2. Quiz on Golden Technologies Company Overview

    3. Golden Technologies Patented Positioning

    4. Quiz on Golden Technologies Patented Positioning

    1. The difference between Lift Chairs and Advanced Power Recliners

    2. Quiz on differences between a Lift Chair and Advanced Power Recliner

    3. Golden Technologies Comfort Zone Presentation

    4. Comfort Zone Quiz

    5. Golden AutoDrive Hand Controller Training

    6. Quiz on AutoDrive Hand Controller

    7. Golden Technologies Battery Backup

    8. Golden Technologies Advanced Power Recliners and Lift Chair Product Training

    9. Whats all the Hype about Golden Twilight Comfort Positioning

    10. Golden Technologies Brisa Fabric Selections

    11. Quiz Brisa Fabrics

    12. Golden Alta High Performance Fabrics

    13. Golden Lift Chair Upgrades and Accessories

    1. Customer Engagement Strategies

    2. Techniques for effectively Selling a Golden Power Recliners

    3. Quiz Techniques for effectively Selling Golden Power Recliners

    4. Customer Engagement Questions

    5. Builder Chairs Discussion Points

    6. Golden Technologies Straight Lift Option Details

    1. Handling Customer Inquiries

    2. Handling Customer Questions

    3. Golden Technologies SmartTek L.E.D Chair Diagnostic System

    4. SmartTek L.E.D Quiz

    1. Closing Sales with Confidence

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Enhance your selling ability with Golden Technologies Line of Advanced Power Recliners and Lift Chairs and Generate Additional Income for your location.

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